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Renae Tate

Renae’s mission is to inspire, uplift and empower you to start living the life of your dreams. Through a culmination of over twenty years of study and training to become a Certified Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist, Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner and Heal Your Life Facilitator, Renae’s programs have achieved truly life changing results for her clients.

Through the ability to work with you at a conscious and subconscious level (where the magic happens) you will be amazed at how quickly you will have breakthroughs in all areas of your life and have the lasting changes that may have previously eluded you. Overcome blockages, limiting beliefs and quickly release negative emotions through powerful accelerated emotional clearing techniques.

Once all the old baggage and blockages are removed, Renae will help you reconnect with yourself and your inner power, experience new levels of self love and acceptance, design and achieve the life of your dreams. You will also be empowered with the tools and peak performance strategies to take your life to new levels of happiness, success, love and fulfilment. Through these programs, you will fall in love with yourself and your life and start to live in the magic of life…where anything is possible! So you really can expect miracles. YES it’s that good! 

Secure your place in one of these life changing programs today:

  • Online Divorce Coaching Programs 
  • Empowerment Life Coaching  
  • Executive Coaching
  • Transformational Hypnotherapy
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy in Port Macquarie
  • Personal Transformation Workshops

“It is my absolute commitment to support you in your journey of transformation and personal empowerment, fall in love with yourself and your life – where you can enjoy more abundance, inner happiness, fulfilment, wellbeing and love…especially self love, which is where life becomes truly magical”

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“Loved meeting this beautiful tribe and discovering, sharing new ways of being. It was awesome.”


“Thank you for the most amazing weekend workshop. I am now a confident gorgeous lady who will smile every day. I have a completely new outlook on life.”


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for providing a positive, supportive place of love, light and soul! The weekend was way beyond my expectations. Amazing. Namaste”


“If you are feeling a little lost in life and not sure how you got here or why. and looking for something to help you move forward, then this is it!”


“A great course which has given me skills to use to provide change in all areas of my life. A positive uplifting weekend!”


“ WOW! So much “stuff” that I had never confronted. Better than all the counceling sessions I have ever had all put together. Love, Love, Loved this weekend.”


“Renae and Sue, you know your stuff! I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. It is life changing, for the better, and I feel I will think differently, in a more positive way. Thank you.”


“Renae is the most amazing manifesting goddess to have with you to guide you through your self limiting blockages. Renae will magically guide you to manifest all that within speaks to be heard and voiced. Renae will help yo make and decide that the impossible is possible.



“Renae you are a wonderful, wise, creative workshop leader. Thank you for the prosperity consciousness meditation. It transported me to a garden of prosperity. Keep on doing the good work.”


“Thank you Renae. A wonderful workshop presenter from the heart, filled with love and special gifts. A calm natural leader, delivering the workshop simply and joyously. Thank you”


“Renae you are a fantastic workshop Leader. Its is well informed workshop in prosperity. Thank you I really enjoyed it.”